The Upper Bhadra Project


Chitradurga Waited for Forty Years

On 4th and 5th of June, 2011, I inspected the progress on the Upper Bhadra Project. Some of the photos below are from the Package-1 and Package-2. It gives me a great pleasure to share this progress news (see photos below) with the people of Chitradurga constituency who waited for a four decades fighting for it.

Upper Bhadra Project is Now in Real Progress

We can now see the project work in action. It is no longer a paper-concept. I know the project itself is ambitious and can not be completed in just few days or months. What is more important for us is to know that, it is first time in the history, the money has been released and the actual work has started and a considerable portion of the work is already completed.

Promise Made & Promise Full-Filled

The people of Chitradurga have been waiting for too long for the Upper Bhadra Project without much hope. We recognized this issue, and we made a promise to the people of Chitradurga during the Lok-Sabha elections that if elected we will give importance the Upper Bhadra project and will start the actual work. They trusted us with a great support, and we met our promise with the actual release of the funds (500 Cr) to the project and here we are with the actual start of the Upper Bhadra Project work.
I think these photos of the work in progress will serve as the clear evidence that there are genuine and prompt efforts from the last two years to make this dream to reality. Now we have the first time happy moment that we were all been waiting for. Now we are working hard to complete the project sooner. With the present estimation, we need another 3-4 years to finish the work that is started and to see the water in Chitradurga.

Thanks to Many

Thanks to the Hon.ble CM Sri Yeddyurappa ji for being the first CM to actually put funds for this project. This is a another gift from the BJP led State Government to my constituency Chitradurga in addition the Direct Railway Line. All the MLAs, and the District In-Charge Minister, and the Major & Medium Irrigation Minister are all in the full support of this project. Thanks to the Neeravari Horata Samithi for keeping this fight alive. Thanks to all the Swamijis for blessing and guiding us. Thanks to the people Chitradurga for their great support. I must also thank the Chitradurga media for constantly keeping the Upper Bhadra project topic on the top and for their constructive and useful engagement.

Janardhana Swamy,
Member of Parliament, Chitradurga